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LADIES JAKO VFB STUTTGART JERSEY HOME ST4219HD"I can still remember" This is the beginning of the stadium anthem of VfB Stuttgart. Forever VfB is the motto of the fans. No matter if relegation battle or Champions League. The feeling when the fans romp in the stands and the stadium anthem sounds is incomparable. With the home shirt for women you are well equipped for your next visit to the stadium. The women's VfB jersey is available in sizes 34 - 44 at the JAKO store. The VfB jersey in the fitted LADIES FIT impresses with its classic design and numerous details. The white gown is complemented by the red chest ring. On the front, in the middle of the breast ring, is the Mercedes-Benz Bank logo. The breast ring is shown in red gradient. In the middle of the chest ring the red color is bright. Outside the breast ring, the red color is dark. The breast ring Runs next to the front on the back. One theme, which is understood in the home jersey of the Swabians, is the stadium anthem. The soundwave of the hymn "Forever VfB" Runs horizontally on the chest. Furthermore, the anthem Runs vertically on the back. The high-quality VfB Club logo is applied on the left chest. The three-dimensional logo of your favorite club carries the golden master star. On the right chest is the JAKO logo in red lettering. So that you can be sure that your jersey is no plagiarism, a security label has been applied to the lower left front of the home shirt. The high-quality round label is shown as a hologram. Depending on the viewing angle, the image to be seen changes between the VfB Club logo and the JAKO logo. The shoulders are decorated with silver JAKO dots. It's the little things in life that are the most enjoyable. Hardly visible on the arm cuffs is the word "Stuttgart" woven. In the inner collar is written under the VfB logo: "We will always stand by you - Forever VfB!". Every fan wears this phrase with pride. Made of 100% polyester VfB jersey Home for women is particularly breathable. Support your team with the home shirt of VfB. Be well equipped for the upcoming season. Get the VfB jersey home in the JAKO online shop now.Details:High quality 3D VfB Club logo made of PUHigh quality JAKO security label presented as hologramVfB Club logo and "We will always stand by you | Forever VfB!" Lettering in the inner collar"Stuttgart" lettering woven in the cuffsHorizontal soundwave on the chestVertical soundwave on the backMaterial: Micro polyester matt interlock, 100% polyester